“DealBuilder has been a fantastic tool in allowing us to evaluate how to best capitalize our resources. With the complexity of the deal structure today, our typical spreadsheet methodology was becoming too difficult. DealBuilder allowed us to judge how best to structure the deals and to perform sensitivity analysis quickly. Most important, our investors, partners and financial institutions have become addicted to the reports”.
-Ken Holbrooks, Simonini Builders

Since 1990, more than 26,000 hours have been spent on DealBuilder Planner to make it the most powerful software package of its kind. Yet, DealBuilder will never be finished because our users are always asking for new options.

DealBuilder is Fast and Easy to Use...

In less than 30 minutes, you can have a preliminary analysis of an entire Deal ... Sales, costs, profits, loans, equity and IRR’s.

In an hour or two, you can have your Deal ready for presentation to your Bank or Investment Company.

In 60 seconds, you can see the impact of changes in prices, sales rates, loan terms or costs. DealBuilder automatically updates all interrelated issues.

DealBuilder includes complete Samples and Napkins to help you get started.
* 43 comprehensive Project Samples with which you can start to begin your own analysis.
* 10 Napkins with which you can do a Preliminary Analysis in less than ten minutes.
These provide a fast one-page input with all built-in key ratios and summaries.

DealBuilder is a Microsoft Excel 97®, Excel 2000® based application to take full advantage of the latest hardware and software technologies offered.

DealBuilder runs on Windows 95®, Windows 98®, Windows 2000®, Windows 2003, Windows NT® or Windows XP, Vista.

DealBuilder Project Files can be emailed to other Users.