“DealBuilder has been a fantastic tool in allowing us to evaluate how to best capitalize our resources. With the complexity of the deal structure today, our typical spreadsheet methodology was becoming too difficult. DealBuilder allowed us to judge how best to structure the deals and to perform sensitivity analysis quickly. Most important, our investors, partners and financial institutions have become addicted to the reports”.
-Ken Holbrooks, Simonini Builders


DealBuilder Proformas...

You can compare dozens of “what ifs” scenarios using:

  • Variations in the number and type of units
  • Sales rates
  • Seasonal adjustments
  • Construction start dates
  • Costs
  • Loan and equity combinations

DealBuilder calculates 11 IRRs for the Project, Builder, Investor, or Lender by Loan. DealBuilder can solve for the land value based on a targeted IRR.

Your analysis can be over 60 months, quarters, semi-annual, or annual periods. Different Cost & Sales inflation rates can be used.

Initial Project Setup

Construction Percentages

You can work with up to 18 Development Phases or Planning Areas and 6 Model Complexes. (Our Expanded Features module increases the number of Planning Areas to 72). Each can have separate Lots, Units, Construction and Sales Rates. DealBuilder can seasonally adjust construction starts and sales or sales revenues by phase price increases.

Planning Area Scheduling Input
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Planning Area Mix and Pricing