“DealBuilder has been a fantastic tool in allowing us to evaluate how to best capitalize our resources. With the complexity of the deal structure today, our typical spreadsheet methodology was becoming too difficult. DealBuilder allowed us to judge how best to structure the deals and to perform sensitivity analysis quickly. Most important, our investors, partners and financial institutions have become addicted to the reports”.
-Ken Holbrooks, Simonini Builders


DealBuilder is Flexible...

DealBuilder allows you to control your deal from almost every viewpoint ... land, phase and direct cost estimating, sales rates, product types, loan and equity requirements, inter-loan allocation and sales payoffs, and more.

All inputs are through the Master Input System.
Inputs are split up by major topics and categories through the DealBuilder Home Page.

From a single change, DealBuilder automatically updates all related revenue, cost estimates, expenses per period, loan draws and equity, NPU & IRR's.

DealBuilder automatically adjusts the Model Complex start date, sale date and close out costs.

DealBuilder can automatically start and complete phases based on presales or other benchmarks.